Tuesday, June 12, 2012


Fourth grade end-of-the-year party!  Bowling and pizza!!  Yay!!!  Well, it should be a Yay!!! but the pizza part makes it an Ugh!!! for Libby, and therefore for me.  And let's be honest, it really is all about me right?!     I know I know... but twelve years after eagerly saying  'I Do' and ten & eight years after joyously saying 'It's a girl!' I am sadly still trying to believe it's all about me.  I am tenacious if nothing else.

So i asked Libby what she would like instead of the cursed pizza.  Libby's whole existence is about 'insteads'.  It sucks.  So she decided on a salami sandwich from a new deli, Rubicon's on India, because we had been there before and they have GF rosemary focaccia that really is pretty decent.  As I was heading down the hill and trying to run through all of the potential hazards of ordering from a 'regular' place I was feeling pretty confident.  Clean hands, clean tray, clean knife, remind them NO free cookie...then it hit me!  What about the mayo and mustard!  Is it from a central vat type of container?  Is there a shared knife?  Ahhhhhhh!  I called Hugh in a panic and with his ever-so quick assessment of my possible oncoming hysteria, he told me to just ask them.  Just ask them??  Are you nuts??  More worry and angst is clearly needed here!  Ask them but then do what when they say yes, it's shared???  What then smart man, huh?!  I have to be at a bowling alley with lunch for your daughter, you know, like in 20 minutes!!  Then I started thinking about the other 'safe' sandwiches we've ordered in other places?  Dear God I was a mess by the time I burst through their doors.  Squeeze bottles.  They use squeeze bottles.  They.  Use.  Squeeze.  Bottles.  They also put down a separate clean piece of parchment, donned new gloves, washed the knives and they made my baby a GF sandwich using squeezed on condiments!  I took my GF salami sandwich and went bowling.  Have to remember to tell Hugh he was worried for nothing!

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  1. I sometimes think, "How does she do it?" And then I think of Libby, and I know how.