Thursday, September 6, 2012

Like Celiacs isn't enough?!

Well, i never meant to be away for the entire summer... but there you are.  I was.  I was with my fun, energetic, amazing girls having a wonderful time.  No trips to the Grand Canyon or Europe.  No weeklong camps or time in front of the TV... just swimming and talking and laughing our way through the summer.  I always hate when they go back to school.  Honestly hate it!  My life is simply better with them present.  But thankfully they are both happy and settling into 3rd and 5th grade.  I am back to my life between the hours of 8 and 3.  There is always much to do and there never seems to be enough time.

Three weeks ago, Libby had the 3rd of her 6-month check ups and unfortunately (damn damn DAMN!) her numbers went up.  We started 18 months ago with a 140.  Her next was 67.  Her next one was a beautiful 3!!  And this last one was a 29.  WHY? HOW? Damn!!  I can't imagine being more vigilant.  I simply cannot be!  It's not possible.  Is it?

Here is where we are right now.  She has never actually had a day without a stomachache.  She lives like this.  It breaks my heart.  It infuriates her.  It baffles us all.  I asked about the possibility of her being fructose or lactose intolerant.  Her Dr. agrees that there is obviously something else going on besides 'just' having Celiac disease.  Like this child needs more to deal with.  So next week she will be tested for fructose intolerance.   What will it show?  That she now,  in addition to having her diet restricted to all things gluten free,  won't be able to eat all fruits and many vegetables!?  I can't imagine it.  If that comes back okay, then we go for the lactose.  Which evil do we hope for?  Libby herself is pulling for the lactose.  Never a big fan of milk.   The 'Big Picture' has never meant much to her.  Probably better that way as it can be pretty overwhelming.

So, I will let you know what we find out and where we go from here.

Thanks for listening!


  1. I wish I could make all this go away for you and Libby. I hate that her tummy aches every day. She is such a trooper! You too, Mama.

  2. I know HATE is not a family value but it is a family mantra... at least in this family right now! HATE HATE HATE you Celiacs. And maybe fructose. And possibly lactose. And...